Unrecognized graphics card

You have a laptop with two graphics cards, one integrated into your processor, and the other dedicated. Or maybe you just installed a new graphics card in your desktop computer, but Windows doesn’t recognize it. You have just made an update and it is no longer detected.Indeed, it is possible that in certain situations, your graphics card is not recognized, in particular when you go to the device manager, and the mention “Unknown device” is displayed. We will see together the different possible solutions to resolve this problem.A device problem can sometimes be an isolated incident caused by a one-time Windows problem. At first, simply restart your computer from the Start menu. You can also go to your device manager, on the unrecognized graphics card, and click on “Uninstall”, so that Windows automatically installs the drivers when restarting. To do this, follow the following stepsWhen you try to start your computer, try accessing the BIOS settings. To do this, press the Esc or Delete key. If that doesn’t work, try all keys from F1 to F12. Then wait for the BIOS to load. When you get to Settings, look for the section where the option to reset your BIOS settings is located. This will vary greatly depending on your motherboard manufacturer.One method is to remove the azertytech battery from your motherboard. This is a flat battery. To do this, you will need to open your computer. This operation, relatively simple on a desktop computer, can be much more complex on a laptop computer, because access to the motherboard is much more complicated. Before carrying out this operation, you will need to turn off the computer and unplug it. In the case of a laptop, remember to remove the battery to remove all power supply.

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